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01 April 2011 @ 12:04 pm
BACC: The Charming Family, Week One  

After some encouragement and great logic from bacc_krow , I decided to start a BACC. Who knows if I'll finish, but it will be fun in the mean time!

Meet Annwn Charming.  When I opened CAS after creating the neighborhood, there she was, just randomly generated. Too cute to ignore, she had to be my founder. Plus, I'm trying to leave things up to chance as much as possible, so this is a great omen.

The name Annwn is Celtic, and it is the mythical name of The Otherworld. Suitable for an alien-esque founder Sim, no? And I bet you're wondering "How d'ya say that?!" Not at all like you'd think. I <3 Celtic names.

Her turn-ons are lycanthropy and full face make up. Turn off is witchiness. Her personality point distribution is 2/5/10/2/6, making her a Gemini. And after two or three Sim days of guesses, I figured out that her one true hobby is sports.

Welcome to her humble abode at 1 Travellers' Parkway. Take a brief tour with us...

I was surprised how far $20k could be stretched. Granted, it's a 2x2 lot, but still, it's not a shack. Cheap custom content helps, though.

Barbara is the neighborhood newspaper delivery gal. I thought this was the start of unfortunate trend. She looks rather, er, unstylish, no?

This game-generated Sim isn't too bad. Meet Marielle, garden club snob.

I always pictured garden clubbers as prudes, but Marielle proves me wrong by practically copping a feel moments after meeting Annwn. Honk, honk, indeed.

"Yeah, I'd love to join your club, but the doctor says I can't. Aggravates the ol' tennis elbow. So sad."

Welcome the welcome wagon! How many redheads can you count? One, one redhead. Two, two redheads! Three, three redheads. Four, four redheads! Ah ah ah!

Annwn gets started on find a mate. Sadly, these two repulse each other.

I have her prepare a meal, in hopes of beginning to unlock a law enforcement position, but no luck.

She gobbles down her food like the slob that she is. I foresee a lot of dirty dishes littering this household.

Annwn gets started earning money by one of the few ways that she can.

How many bug jars can you count? One, one bug jar. Two, two bug jars. Three, three bug jars. Four, four bug jars all in a picture! Ah ah ah!

I hate watching the butterflies die, so Annwn tries to release them before any more are caught.

How could anyone trap such a lovely creature?

Hooray, another male townie. He may be old, but he could be a potential baby daddy if there's no one else for the job.

"Really, SimOverlord? Really? He's got gray hair for crying out loud!"
But Annwn was forced to get to know Leo Wilkie.

Another meal goes unburnt. Start a fire already! (I don't believe I've ever wanted a Sim to start fire.)

And so ends Annwn's first day in New Jennerica.

No chance of burning this meal. Sigh. I should have made you have toaster pastries.

I still get excited whenever I see the mailman in real life, so why not in the Sims? Plus, she doesn't seem so bad looking. Let's get a close-up...

Another ginger. Good thing gingers don't frighten me. I wouldn't be able to load this 'hood if they did. She's still cute with her red hair and brown eyes. Always a nice combination.

Hey, look! A brunette!

Annwn invited over Leo Wilkie and he offered to bring a friend. Meet Troy Go. He's got potential. And blonde hair.

But first, a quick woohoo with Wilkie.

Annwn, for some reason I don't think kicking balls with your potential spouse is such a great idea.

Don't act coy, Troy! You know you're going to marry into the family. You have to.

Thanks to ACR, they had a little squeaky couch time.

And he was able to spend the night...

I really want to adopt a stray. This is Scout. Scout likes to visit in the mornings while Annwn is still in bed. She will adopt him one day, though.

Argh, I missed the classic "Baby?" toilet hugging scene. To appease you, here's Annwn cleaning the mess.

Annwn invited Troy over and had him move in. He brought $17,000 with him.

And they celebrated the milestone  that night.

Ooo, look, a second story.

Annwn keeps painting so she can afford a grocery store. My original plans were to have her grow things to restock the fridge, but starting a garden in late fall isn't the best for crops.

Annwn makes the deal a bit more official.

After renovations and some baby furniture, Annwn had enough money for a small grocery store. Hooray! Now to get that store to a level five so a job position can be unlocked.

The first customer in needs help finding something. Hooray, easy star!

And he's a journalist. Figures. Let me get things established and bug-tested before you go judging the business, dude.

But it turned out ok. He gave the business a good review and a "Best of the Best" award.

I missed another classic photo opportunity: first baby pop. Here, have a picture of Annwn painting instead.

Things are really official now. I present to you now Mr & Ms. Charming.
Troy took her last name.

The end of the first week in New Jennerica is marked by making dinner and digging.

That's it! Hope you enjoyed, let me know what you think! I've already finished the second week for this family, just need to edit the pictures and upload them.
I'm feeling: mellowmellow
(Anonymous) on April 4th, 2011 08:05 am (UTC)
Good Luck!
BACC is so much fun, and so much frustration. I like that you dont fear the use of mr Go as father to be...High hopes for interesting non-bland offspring!
You seem to have had mostly the fun bits so far, except the refusal to set fire to the stove ;)
(I wanted 3 fires and/or 3 burglaries so desperately, but I finally unlocked the first position at the population of 500)
untidyfanuntidyfan on April 4th, 2011 08:58 am (UTC)
Thanks for the luck! It looks like I'm going to need it.

I chose Mr. Go just because he didn't repulse Annwn (two bolts, not bad) and I didn't want to wait on babies. I've just finished week three for the Charmings, and they do have some interesting babies.

I've never had to wish for a Sim to set a fire, usually they do it all the time. I'm wondering if I have some sort of hack in place to make fires less frequent. But, this is supposed to be a challenge, right?
olivethegreatolivethegreat on April 4th, 2011 05:13 pm (UTC)
It always seems that you get the fires when you don't want them, and you don't get them when you do.
Annwn and Troy are cute together, I think. :)
Also, Annwn's name is really neat. I'd never seen it before and it definitely was pronounced the way I thought it was at first.
I loved your Sesame Street references too.
untidyfanuntidyfan on April 6th, 2011 01:10 pm (UTC)
Isn't that always the way? Things go just the opposite of how you're rooting for them?

I'm terrible with non-Romance languages' pronunciations but that doesn't necessarily apply to everyone. Even now that I know differently, I still keep saying Ann-win instead of An-oon in my head.

I loved Sesame Street as a kid. It was fun to throw the references in, even better that you got them. I was worried nobody would get it, which is why I added the youtube links.

Thanks for reading!