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27 April 2011 @ 04:06 pm
BACC: The Cohen Family, Week Four  
When Shelby Barrett opened Sartorial Success, I earned a new CAS. I've decided that one of these new Sims should be a challenge family, and after I had created the new Sims, I picked out the challenge and the family. Since Rally Cohen was a family Sim, he was perfect to found the "Differences in the Family Tree" challenge. Apparently this challenge was originally for TS3, but racing_oatmeal  converted it for TS2. It looks like a great deal of fun, and not the same old, same old, generation after generation.

I moved to New Jennerica to get away from my parents. They were supportive, but they were all bogged down in trying to get the Jennerican dream: grow up, go to college, get married, have a dream job, get a giant house, have kids, retire and then die platinum. That's fine for the Sim who wants it, but I wanted something simpler. Something more family-oriented. I knew for sure I wasn't going to find it in Old Jennerica.

My first order of business was to plant a crop of tomatoes. You could probably make some metaphor about sowing seeds for the future, but like I said, I'm looking for a simple, down-to-earth lifestyle, so I won't bother dressing up my speech for you. I plan making my living on farming and fishing. I'll be selling off all the crops that my family doesn't need.

After I planted all the crops I could comfortably afford, I sat down and read until the welcome wagon came. I didn't bother going to college, but I don't plan on being ignorant. I don't want to meet all the parts of the country farmer stereotype.

The welcome wagon was filled with my immediate neighbors. It's great to get to know the people closest to you, but I wanted to get started on building a family.

New Jennerica seemed like a good place to live. One of my neighbors, Gretchen Ray, seemed like an especially virtuous woman. She wouldn't hear even the most casual gossip.

I thought I'd follow her good example and not listen to passerby Lyndsay Louie's nonsense. She didn't take too kindly to my reaction.

A pretty girl walked by as I talking to my neighbors. We chatted for a moment before she had to head home for lunch. I would have been happy to make her a bologna sandwich. I think I might call her up for a date later in the week.

The rest of my guests were hungry and a bit chilly, so I tried to make some of my grandmother's famous comfort soup. It turns out that I'm not the best cook. Maybe I'll meet a woman who can cook like my grandma.

Later that evening, Kaylynn Spitzig walked by my home. I know from the town talk she's a family Sim like me, but there wasn't a spark between us. I wish there was. I heard she was good cook, too.

After all my new friends went home, I still had responsibilities to tend to.

The next night, as I was waiting for Marie to arrive for our date, I met a woman named Michelle Tse. She had red hair, like a lot of women in this town, which I love.

My date with Marie turned out to be more casual than I expected. Michelle stuck around after supper and we all spent time fishing and talking together.

I caught a huge blue catfish. It brought nearly 150 simoleons at market.

Thursday came and with it came the mailwoman. Another redhead, but she was so unique-looking!

But after inviting her in and talking with her for a bit, I realized we didn't have common goals. I suggested we just be friends and she seemed pretty happy about that.

I realized I wasn't getting any younger, and if I was going to begin having a family, I had better do it soon. I just wasn't sure which woman to settle down with, Michelle or Marie. Both were equally attractive to me, and both had similar fortune-minded goals. If only I had a wishing well! I'd wish for the right choice.

I tried to let each woman know I did care for them, but I wasn't going to compromise their virtue by rushing into things.

Truth was I never kissed a girl on the lips before. I was a little nervous.

Fishing is always a good activity for introspection. I was ruminating a bit too deeply, though, when a hard tug from a big fish knocked me on my rear.

I put my head to my task and brought up a gorgeous rainbow trout. I can't wait until I can start mounting these bad boys.

Friday arrived, and I decided to have one last date with each of the girls to help make my decision.

As I kissed Marie's delicate hand, I realized she was more of a friend to me, but aren't all good marriages based on friendship?

I tried the introspective fishing thing again, and caught another pretty rainbow

While I was fishing, another pretty girl walked by my house. I rushed to introduce myself.

It wasn't serendipity as I had hoped. Like Elle Bar, Lilly Do and I just didn't have the chemistry.

The first snow fell before my tomato crops had ripened. This will probably knock them down a quality level or maybe even two. I hope that they'll be harvestable before a heavy snow comes. If they aren't, I probably won't have anything to show for my efforts.

Repairing the sprinkler proved harder than I originally thought. I'll have to study my mechanical texts a bit more this winter.

I invited Michelle over on Saturday. Her lovely outfit sealed the deal for me. She looked beautiful and I thought her grace will be a welcome addition to my home.

I took the plunge and kissed her. At first, she was startled, but she seemed pleased.

For late lunch, I fixed us some grilled cheese sandwiches. I'm still not much of a cook.

I proposed.

She said yes!

The harvest was ready that evening. I sold most of it to purchase the tackle for my plans Sunday.

New Jennerica doesn't have a wedding hall or church yet, but I wanted it to be as formal as I could make it. I threw a party in my, well, our, home and invited my closest friends: Gretchen Ray, Elle Bar, and Shelby Barrett. I thought about inviting Marie, but decided against it because she would probably just feel bad about it.

The harvest even garnered enough money for a wedding cake to be imported. Michelle did the honors cutting it.

Michelle enthusiastically fed me a bite.

All in all, it was a wonderful ceremony and party.

We sent the guests home that evening and celebrated in our own special way.

Michelle turned out to be a wonderful cook! If things turn out well, maybe we'll consider buying a small bakery for her to sell her hard work. I found out she's given up her dream of becoming a business tycoon for us, so I would like to give her something to honor her dreams.

With the §9,000 that Michelle brought to the family, I was able to build a small greenhouse so that I could farm year-round.

Playables: 20
Commercial lots: 5
College fund: $9605
Population: 60 (SM = 3)

Challenge Goals:
Crops grown: Tomatoes
Fish caught: boot, largemouth bass, jumbo catfish, rainbow trout
Badges earned: Silver gardening badge, bronze fishing badge

For this part of the challenge, the rules state that "never have a “regular” job. Earn everything from the land. Digging up treasure is acceptable," but do you think owning a business is a violation of that rule? I really want to give Michelle something to do.

Rally is a Family Sim who wants to reach his golden anniversary. He likes glasses-wearing redheads and hates unnatural hair colors. He is a Taurus (4/5/2/10/4)
Michelle Tse Cohen is a Fortune Sim who wants to be a business tycoon, but because of the challenge rules, she won't achieve that goal. She likes underwear and glasses on man, but not the powers of logic. She's a Capricorn (7/4/1/8/5).
olivethegreatolivethegreat on April 27th, 2011 10:55 pm (UTC)
It's too bad that Michelle can't have a job. That is a perfect LTW for a BaCC. I'm sure that she can have a business. That is definitely not a regular job, at least in my opinion.
untidyfanuntidyfan on April 28th, 2011 12:05 pm (UTC)
That's what I was thinking. But, Jason Sheedy has the same one, and there's only one slot available in the track right now.

I'm leaning the same way you are about the business. I mean, she gets to be her own boss, so it shouldn't count, right?
bacc_krowbacc_krow on April 27th, 2011 10:58 pm (UTC)
Ooooh a DITFT challenge! I want to try this - it looks like fun. :D

As for the business... I'm not sure. If you aren't worried about the business contributing to your counts, you could have a stall in their front yard where she sells stuff. Just something little, maybe selling the fruit harvested, or items she digs up. The downside is that all funds spent on the lot will contribute to the business profit/loss margin, which can make it a bit difficult to keep track of how much it's actually earning. :C
untidyfanuntidyfan on April 28th, 2011 12:08 pm (UTC)
Dooo eeeettt! It's fun so far, with the exception of the business rule.

I suppose an at-home business would strike a good compromise. I was thinking it would be baked goodies with ingredients Rally grew added for extra yummy. At home business just sort of drive me nuts, though, for the added bookkeeping confusion and just the general customers tromping through the yard whenever they want.
Attic Box: lucasatticbox on April 28th, 2011 12:53 am (UTC)
A challenge inside of a challenge. Sounds like a good idea as that would certainly help keep things interesting during your BACC.

I'm always amused that family sims seem to be about as bad as romance sims when it comes to dating or trying to find a romantic partner. I suppose the biggest difference is that, once found, family sims want to just stick with that one person (usually). Nice that Rally found someone who seems to be a good match for him. :)

I personally do not think that running a business would qualify as a regular job. It would be neat if she could have a sort of farmer's market to run as that would certainly play into the spirit of the living off the land the first generation challenge seems to be about. But I do think it would be acceptable.
untidyfanuntidyfan on April 28th, 2011 12:17 pm (UTC)
It definitely does. I could see the move in, own business, have babies and die routine getting old fast. This should remedy that.

I always feel obligated to find a three bolt partner for Family Sims. At least they tend toward loyalty. Overall, I rather like them.

I'm with you; it's not a regular 9-5 job and shouldn't count as such. I think she'll have a bakery featuring ingredients from Rally's garden to honor the challenge. Otherwise, she'd bake cakes for everybody in New Jennerica and wither away without making her own simoleons.
Maranatahmaranatah on April 28th, 2011 01:08 pm (UTC)
I'm happy too see that you are using so many of the AL townies that I've planned on pairing with my sims too :) Looking forward to see their babies!
untidyfanuntidyfan on April 28th, 2011 06:41 pm (UTC)
Out of all the Eaxis generated townies, I think I like AL's the best. I'm looking forward to seeing them, too! We know for certain that Troy Go makes interesting offspring.

Edited at 2011-04-28 06:43 pm (UTC)