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!Important !READ CC in 2019

Hi all!

I have not been active in the TS2 community in a long time. Please understand, a lot has changed for me since I last played in 2015 - new computer that throws a fit with too much CC, new job, marriage, etc.

I thought since nearly a decade had elapsed since the last TS2 expansion came out, people were growing accustomed to dead links and the like, so I let my (paid) hosting expire. Apparently, I was wrong. Based on the messages I've received, people are still playing and some are grumpy about dead links. Not crazy about the grouchiness, but ok. Regardless, I will be reuploading my content onto various free services as I have time and energy for such a task and linking at my simblr ( I will try to focus on the items people seem to want (beehive, namely, after some testing based on feedback). However, I want to emphasize that I am going to do this at my speed and discretion.

In the meantime, here's my Mediafire Sims folder. Plunder it for what it's worth!

Edit 12/27/2019: I'm feeling really snippy about comments about missing downloads, especially when it's topped with creme de guilt. It's not a priority for me to re-upload files for a game I have hardly played since 2015, a game with official content last being released ten years ago. Again, new computer, new job, new house, marriage, death of my only parent, serious health issues, desire to focus on non-digital hobbies, etc. Yes, it sucks to not be able to download something you like, but I'm not obligated to do anything I don't want/need/have to do. I'm even more disinclined if there's pouting involved. So, suck it up, buttercup, I'm not the super super SUPER nice Simmer I once was.

Projects, Policies, Resources, & BaCC Table of Contents

Feel free to do whatever you like with my objects, with the exception of claiming them as your own or uploading recolors as pay items. I do, however, encourage you to enjoy them!

WCIFs are welcome, even invited. Post them on the blog as a comment, message me, or start a thread at LivingSims or GOS. My resource list will always be a work in progress, but if you want to know about a specific bit of content, don't hesitate to ask! I'm always pleased when someone has a WCIF from one of my pictures, because it means that I've made the item look appealing to others.

[My goodies]
My Creations
TS3 to TS2 Conversions:
Friendly Office Lamp
Purr Purr Purr Stereo
CiJ 2011: Vaindenburger and other gifts

Cutting Board
Maxis-Match Floor-length Loft Curtains
Tall and Skinny Cylinder Lamp
West Elm Dining Suite
Block Candles
Witch Doctor Mask

Fruitful Kitchen (recolors)
Towel Recolors Part One & Part Two
Festive Tablecloth Recolors
Office Romance - Office Supply Recolors
Maxis Cheap Kitchen Recolors
Scrub E. Bear
Poang Recolors
Simlogical AutoCurtain Recolors
Simlogical Shiftable Beds in Maxis Woods
It's Uncanny - Simlish recolors of nicvnct's can mesh
Plant Silhouettes, a recolor
Danish Modern Recolors
Fiat Punto Recolors
Tipo Teen Lounge, Partially Aelia'd
Gen 2 AweSimSauce friendly counters & doors
Holy Simoly's Snuggles Nursery in Six Bright Colors
Chipped paint recolors of Nengi65's windows in CuriousB's ACYL
Underthings, Tumbling: TS3 50's Laundry recolored
Habitat: BB Niches Recolored in MM Brick & Stone

Unexpected Sidings
Atomica Tiles
Darker Atomica Tiles
Softer Atomica Tiles
Simply Siding in Chipped Paint

Fixed Files:
SimPlan-X Curtains Repositoried
Repositoried Holy Simoly stairs

Want to make your own recolors? My .psd files can be found here!

Face templates by ZaZaZu@MATY
Eyes, sarhra edits by an_na and kinemortophobia

'Deserve Me' blushes by Jessi_Dot
'The Brightest Star' eyeliner by Jessi_Dot

Objects/Build & Buy Mode
Solid recolors by maranatah[info]an_na, or Piggi's Sims
Wall default replacements by engram_au
Castaways Stories Stuff @ MATY
Gnomes from TS3 World Adventures by TheJim07@MTS
Furniture from HolySimoly
Castaways, Adele's Amelia Living, SIP Living expansion sets by javiera
Bon Voyage recolors by Zerographic @ MTS
Garden Breeze/Pocci Objects

Name Replacements by Tempscire @ MTS

[Jennerica BaCC Table of Contents]
Jennerica BaCC Table of Contents (currently in play)
Yep, I've got a build-a-city challenge 'hood. I've followed most of the rules listed on Redmond Flats, with a few tweaks to careers to make things more suitable to me. I also play with Pescado's harder jobs mod installed, which may or may not be chucked in the coming weeks. And if you think that the age stages are lasting longer than normal, you're probably right. I use Simlogical's age modification hack.

Meet the Settlers: Spitzig | Leive | Dietz | Pantone | Jones
Fall, Year One: Dietz | Jones | Leive

Tours: Neighborhood

[New Jennerica Table of contents]
New Jennerica BaCC Table of Contents (discontinued)

Week One: The Charming Family

Week Two: The Charming FamilyThe Fisker Family

Week Three: The Charming FamilyThe Fisker FamilyThe Higgins Family

Week Four: The Charming FamilyThe Fisker FamilyThe Higgins FamilyThe Sheedy FamilyThe Cohen FamilyThe McCormick Family

Week Five: The Charming FamilyThe Fisker FamilyThe Higgins FamilyThe Sheedy FamilyThe Cohen FamilyThe McCormick FamilyThe Valjean FamilyThe Prism FamilyThe Duddledom Family

Week Six: The Charming FamilyThe Fisker FamilyThe Higgins FamilyThe Sheedy FamilyThe Cohen FamilyThe McCormick FamilyThe Valjean FamilyThe Prism FamilyThe Duddledom FamilyThe Coraline Charming/Deppiesse FamilyThe Ray Family

Lot Tours
New Jennerican Cemetery & Chapel
The Duddledom House

Victor Valjean Prequel
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Files & Images Down Time

Due to an mandatory upgrade with my webhost, I’ve had to migrate my file to another hosting platform. This means there were be a few hours to a day of downtime for any files I have hosted through my webhost and all images here at my livejournal. Please be patient while they’re working on my hosting - it shouldn’t be long!

However, this reminds me that I should start provided alternatives to server, just in case, so there’s some good to come of this!


The Big Trade-Off: My gift to MrOstrichBird

I participated in TBTO earlier this month, and this is what I made for my trade! Hope you all enjoy!


From the page:

First of is the recolors of Hannie18's Ikea Asker set in An_na's colors. All meshes are included.

I also made some kitchen canister meshes using the repository technique. Comes with An_na's solid colors and fifteen fun patterns. They're low-poly, relying on texturing rather than the mesh for realism. Hope you like them!